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Huge Natural Boobs and Leggy Lovelies

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Thus we begin another day of fabulous free smut!   Today, I’ve got sexy smoking fetish cuties, long legged lovelies in lingerie, and hardcore cumhog honeys who just live for a good hard round of throatfucking.

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Happy wanking, perverts — I know these babes got me juiced up!  Be sure to check out their sites for more hot hardcore and fucking fetish action.

Melissa xoxoxoxo

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Viva Les Naked Canadian Babes…

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Everywhere you go, people love Canadians.  Especially female, naked, kinky Canadians!  And for today’s free porn updatey goodness (and as a female, naked, kinky Canadian myself) I do believe it’s time we laid on a little love for sexy naked Canuck babes beginning with naturally busty, natural redhead Anita of Montreal Dream:

click to see more free pix of Anita!

Pale nipples, big natural boobies and that naughty gleam in her eye makes her a lovely example of why the world over loves Canadian girls and you can see tons more of her at Montreal Dream where the web’s naughtiest French babes come out to play.

Check out Smoking Mina

Of course, we can’t talk kinky naked Canadians without mentioning my favorite smoking fetish babe, Smoking Mina.  She’s got her man’s thick cock in one hand and a lovely Misty 120 in the other.  Click the pic above to see hot smoky blowjob clips or just get on over to her smoking fetish site right now, where you find indulging her smoking fetish simply by showing off her smoking in pretty lingerie right on up to hardcore smoking sex with her man.  And hell yeah!  She’s still got all those SpyCams all over her house, on 24/7 where you can watch her consume a full two packs a day!

click to see more Xxx Mina pix

Prefer Mina in simple non-smoking Xxx “amateur” action?  Well, of course, she’s got her other labour of love on offer:  XxxMina, where she the focus is on her “normal” sex life with sexy stunctcock Joe.  She’s spread wide open today right in the middle of the highway! Visit her site today, where you’ll find her doing it all from simple and sexy masturbation and dirty talk, playing with her girlfriends’ pussies, and in hardcore action with Joe’s cock!  And I do believe I heard she’s gone and made herself a redhead now.  Wow, can’t wait to see that — check it out live on her 24/7 Spycams!

Click the pic to see more of this Glamour Smoker

Glamour Smoker Desira is one kinky Canuck babe herself.  This gothic goddess genuinely loves smoking and was thrilled to realize how many of us have a genuine fetish for the sight of a sexy cigarette between the glossy lips of a hot babe like herself.

More kinky Canadian goodness:

Long haired beauty smoking in lacy red lingerie.

Long legged brunette teen in adorably silly stockings.

Lovely Dunhill smoker blows perfect rings.

Voluptuous brunette with amazing blue eyes and pretty pussy.

Cute punky redhead lights up a 100 in black lingerie.

Demanding brunette insists you smoke along with her.

Big booby redhead teen in black bustier and nude hose.

Extreme closeup smoking fetish clips.

Mature smoking blond sees something she likes…

Enjoy, Melissa xoxoxox

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Words of Wisdom From An Oversexed Chick. And Porn.

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Being a completely oversexed chick with way too much time on my hands, it occurs to me — periodically — to wonder why I spend that time collecting porn instead of doing the hundred other things I could do.  Which brings me back to the fact that I’m just a seriously oversexed chick and that my guy works too much, making it necessary for me to entertain myself.  With porn.

I don’t think men realize how sexual the average, everyday woman really IS.  Oh sure, you expect it of your favorite webgirls and camgirls…like the following lovelies I bring you today:

Hellloooooo?  Still with me?  Get back here!

…but the average, everyday woman sitting around in her gympants, thinking about what to make for supper?  Believe me guys.  She’d rather be fucking.  Screw every stupid magazine you’ve ever read that’s drilled into you the myth that you have to fight women for sex.  It’s not true.  The only reason we make you fight for it once in awhile is because otherwise, we’d go down way too easy because we’re probably way more into you than we should be and that just makes us lame.  It’s a self-respect thing and you’ll just have to suck it up.

My guy knows this because after he finally is home from slugging it out at the office (or whatever the hell it is he does all day), my first question is almost always “When do we fuck?”  If he replies “Now,” the obvious next course of action is to make him work his ass for it just long enough so that I don’t feel like an easy lay.  Pussylicking is always a great way to begin.

Given the fact that my name is Easy Melissa, I’m not saying it always works.  But I have ambitions to someday not to just throw my ass down and spread it.

Anyway, prime your ass up with today’s galleries and videos and then go give your own woman a reason to GET oversexed.

Especially if the winter doldrums have set in and all you know is that she’s got a bug up her ass that might be your fault (and let’s face it guys:  it probably is).

Simple solution to many of life’s little issues:  fuck her more.  Seriously. You’re welcome.

Melissa xoxoxo

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